Stunning Palomino Warmblood


Name:      THOMAS
Blood:      Westfalen (Qaside MD>Quarterback x Rotspon>Rubenstein I)
Sex:          gelding
Age:         4 yr
Size:        16.3h
Price:     Price Range B

Thomas is absolutely of the highest quality palomino warmblood available. He was a licensed stallion prior to us gelding him.  He is very gentle and level headed, and wise beyond his years.

He has been to several of largest California shows and is always scoring over 70%.

Thomas lived at the Westphalen Verband’s training facility for several months and has a "been there-seen that" attitude. Directly after we picked him up from the airport he had to come with us to a show at Los Angeles Equestrian Center. He was not the least bit phased by all the goings on, and even fell asleep while getting his feet done by the on-site farrier. He is going to make someone a very special partner.

Thomas is suitable for YR, Jr, AA or Pro.  Radiographs and report available.

For more info, video, etc call, text or email:
Heidi 831-297-2621 .

Price Ranges:
A:  0-$50,000
B:  $51,000 - $100,000
C:  $101,000 - $150,000
D:  over $150,000

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