Impressive 4th Level w/ Chrome

Name:      DENZEL
Blood:      De Niro
Sex:          gelding
Age:         9 yr
Size:        16.3h
Price:     Price Range C

Top show horse for YR, AA.  Chestnut with white socks, blaze, and flaxen mane and tail.  Very good gaits. Shown at WEC, Ocala in March 2022 with 72+% at 3rd Level.  Great traveller unfazed by big environment.  Wonderful temperament, easy in the contact, comfortable to sit and easy changes.  Training 4th/PSG.

For more info, video, etc call, text or email:
Heidi 831-297-2621 .

Price Ranges:
A:  0-$50,000
B:  $51,000 - $100,000
C:  $101,000 - $150,000
D:  over $150,000

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