Imports from Joh Hinnemann

Johann Hinnemann and Villa Rosa Dressage are currently in the process of importing horses to the USA.  These exceptional horses will be available for sale and located in California.

In addition to the horses that we have here in California, there are upper level horses available for sale at Johann's farm in Germany, but the current pandemic makes travel very difficult.  You can call Heidi 831-297-2621 if you are interested one of these horses.

Previous horses sold by Johann & Villa Rosa have won countless titles in International, National and Regional competition.  Some of the horses from Johann & Villa Rosa include:

  • Tom Noone's Fresco
  • Louis Koch's Polaris
  • Heidi's Chicago, Katharos & Just Fritz
  • Guenter Siedel's D'Artagnon & Sir Walter Raliegh
  • Jo Moran's Rosato
  • Crystalyn Hoffman's Diamo - NAYC Gold Medalist
  • Kasey Priske's Dancing Joe - NAYC Gold Medalist
  • Nancy Szakacs's Rudi Regali, Normann & Ralli

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